By: Kit Perrior All About Me

I am "Kit Perrior", I am 15, I live in Hastings area in "East Sussex" in England.

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Welcome to my Web site This area is about me.

This Page is here to contain what you could want to know about me.

Hay my name is "Kit Perrior" (Chris) and I am from "St Leonards-on-sea" (Hastings area).

I am designing this page for You to find out about Me and what I am in to.

My Hobbies are:

Playing on my PS2 (Playstation 2) at "Final Fantasy X" mostly.

I like to Play on My PC at RPG (Role Playing Games) or at First Person "Shoot em ups".

And I like to Listen to my Music on my "Stereo". I am Interested in Rock Music

and my favourite bands are "Ozzy/Black SabbathIron Maiden,

Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson and also The White Stripes"

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